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PPEC Bulletin


Welcome to the PPEC Website!

The PPEC higher education institutional leaders in the Pacific region work together to serve the needs of member institutions as they address regional and postsecondary education issues. Above all, we specialize in serving the needs of member institutions by facilitating inter-institutional collaboration, by enhancing transfer and articulation opportunities for students by strengthening teacher development and information sharing, and by encouraging capacity building and development.

  • University of Hawaii (Hilo)
  • University of Hawaii (System)
  • University of Hawaii (Manoa)
  • University of Guam
  • Guam Community College

  • College of the Marshall Islands
  • American Samoa Community College
  • College of Micronesia-FSM
  • Northern Marianas College
  • Palau Community College
  • Honolulu Community College

  • Kauai Community College
  • Kapiolani Community College
  • University of Hawaii (Maui)
  • Hawaii Community College
  • Windward Community College
  • hawaii.edu